Scholarship Instructions

Click here to download the HTELC Scholarship Application Instructions 2020

Process for Completing HTELC Scholarship Applications

  1. Complete the ONLINE Scholarship Application Form.
  1. Please mail the following to the Church Office:
    1. One copy of your most recent grade report/transcript from the most recently completed semester/quarter of coursework that shows the following:  a) current overall GPA and b) courses in progress.  This transcript must be stamped and sealed. No on-line transcripts accepted.

[Also include college/university acceptance letter for Caruthers Scholarship if applicable.]

    1. One copy of the HTELC Scholarship Financial Needs Assessment Form and a copy of your completed FAFSA (Student Aid Report)  if you are applying for any scholarships where evidence of financial need is required:

i.      High school seniors only

            1. Calvin Luke Monteilh
            2. Dell Shields Memorial Scholarship (NOT ACTIVE)
            3.  Beal Family Scholarship

ii.      High school seniors and college students

            1. Cora L. Sheilds Scholarship
            2. Dr. Lee B. Stephens Jr. Scholarship
            3. Beauford E. Anderson Scholarship for the Arts and Engineering
            4. Margaret Elizabeth Perry Memorial Scholarship (NOT ACTIVE)
            5. Racine C. Forest Scholarship

iii.      College students only

            1. New Beginnings Scholarship

iv.      Other

            1. Pastor’s scholarship (those going into the ministry)
    1. One copy of a completed Community Service Hours Verification Form for any scholarships where service hours are required.

i.      High school seniors and college students

            1. Dell Shields Memorial Scholarship (NOT ACTIVE)
            2. Cora L. Shields Scholarship
            3. Beauford E. Anderson Scholarship for the Arts (15 hours)
            4. Racine C. Forrest Scholarship (20 hours)
            5. Geri Gorum Memorial Scholarship (20 hours)
            6. Regine & Andria Caruthers Scholarship
    1. If you are a high school senior:  A current written official verification of acceptance letter for all accredited trade school/training/ credential/college/university programs to which you have been accepted.
  1. Make sure to include with the above-mentioned forms any additionally requested items such as:
    1. Letters of recommendation:  All of the scholarships except  require two letters of recommendation.  Most scholarships specify who must write the letters of recommendation (e.g., teacher/professor, counselor, pastor/minister, personal reference such as a personal friend/acquaintance). 
  1. Number of scholarships to which you can apply:  There is no restriction to the number of scholarships to which you can apply and receive.  However, there is no guarantee that you will be awarded funds from all of the scholarships to which you apply for the following reasons: 
    1. You may not meet the criteria of the one to which you apply.
    2. There may not be sufficient funds to support the requests of all of those who apply.
    3. The number of scholarship awardees who can be given a given scholarship are sometimes limited by the donor.
    4. If there are a large number of highly competitive applicants for a specific scholarship, the committee may make the decision to give the award to those applicants who best meet the criteria and standards of the award. 
  1. Deadline for submission:  The application will be available online at beginning April 1st and must be submitted online no later than 11:59pm on May 15th. 

All scholarship applications and all required scholarship materials (e.g., letters of recommendation, essays, transcripts, FAFSA forms) must be postmarked by May 15th and received by May 15th.  NO APPLICATIONS or ADDITIONAL APPLICATION MATERIALS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THIS DATE.

If you have questions: 

Stop by the scholarships table after Sunday worship.  Academic Education committee members are on hand up until May 10th to answer any questions you may have. 

Contact Randy Winston by email at “” or by calling the Church Office for his phone number.

Reminder: The HTELC Scholarship application period is April 1st through May 15th annually.